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Why Zappend

In a world full of mobile app development companies, what makes us stand out? We believe the essence of our company can be encapsulated in these three words: Simple. Smart. Secure.



Clean, concise, and to the point. At Zappend, our goal is to create simple, beautiful software that is creative, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.



Technology is growing and expanding every day. Zappend is on the cutting edge of tech innovation, bringing your ideas to life with smart, intelligent software.



As technology expands, security becomes a greater priority. We place a high premium on security at Zappend, making sure that every project we release is tested and secure.



Yes, we are a mobile app development company, but we are very effective multi-taskers... We offer a variety of other services to our customers as well. Take a look to see if any of them might be right for you.

  • Mobile App Development

    If you have an idea, we have a solution. We will work closely with you to accomplish your goals and come up with ideas that suit your needs. Creating a mobile app for your company can improve the on-the-go employee

  • Web Development

    Got digital branding? We do that too. Making a site mobile-ready, simple to use, and optimized for search engines is everything to us… and you. You are not just getting a site, you are getting a marketing tool that will help build your business

  • Design

    With great projects come great… custom needs. Custom design is one of them. Your company must be properly represented with special branding and a well-designed app or website


Through our services, we've been able to work on some great projects. We love what we do and have something to show for it.

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Who We Are

Meet The Team

These are the faces behind Zappend. Don't judge.

  • denise_walsh

    Denise Walsh


    Our very own in-house CPA. Denise has worked in public accounting for seven years gaining proficiency with the tax system. When she is not balancing the books, she runs her own bed and breakfast with her husband.

  • alex_joganic

    Alex Joganic


    An artist at heart, Alex was born and raised in Alabama. Through the use of a skill set he has been developing for the past 18 years, he plans to push the boundaries of natural graphic design.

  • jeremiah_warren

    Jeremiah Warren

    Media Producer

    Jeremiah Warren is an animator and videographer who grew up in Dallas, TX. If it involves cameras or animation he’s the guy for the task.

  • daniel-walsh

    Daniel Walsh


    Our fearless leader, illustrious entrepreneur, the man with the plan… Daniel continues to impress the business world with his managerial and innovative skills.

  • cody-winton

    Cody “Code Red” Winton

    Mobile App Developer / Project Manager

    Love your mobile app? Well, you can thank this guy. Cody can don many hats, plays a mean game of ping-pong, and in all honesty keeps us all in line.


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